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09 May Marblelous diner merged with artistry

Gastrometry is a unique cultural blend that merges haute cuisine with design. A culinary art gallery, where superior product quality meets extreme design aesthetics. Dedicated to presenting an exclusive selection of interiors, premium products, contemporary applied arts, culinary art and creative people from around the...

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25 Feb A Jewel Made In Greece

  On the 25th till the 29th of February 2016, Xenia Nefelly Vlachou participated with her brand Marmarometry, at the jewelry exhibition "A Jewel Made In Greece" at Technopolis ,Athens. The team of «A Jewel Made in Greece», in which 36 inspired designers participate, supports and highlights...

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22 Feb Jewelry Made Using Greek Marble

I get inspired by the timeless beauty of Greece, the contrasts of nature gathered in a small, authentic and sunny country, everything from its ancient civilization and arts to its people of today, who just won’t give up and are becoming increasingly creative,” says Xenia...

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Φρέσκια καλημέρα σε όλους με φρέσκο μαγαζί! Πριν από περίπου ένα χρόνο η Xenia Nefeli αποφάσισε να ανοίξει το δικό της μαγαζί στο etsy! Σήμερα θα γνωρίσουμε την ιστορία πίσω από το Marmarometry ! Read more...

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